Verne Gardiner

“With 35 years experience I regard myself as well placed to be a trusted industry professional”

Whether born with it or having developed it, I am a practical achiever, rather than a theoretician. Relying on my self-acquired skills rather than absolute technical intellect has enabled me to live an adventurous life, both in my personal and professional environs.

With such an enquiring mind, I have approached life’s challenges, my challenges, with resolute determination. Despite the odds, I am never willing to concede. It is with this resolute determination that I have approached any challenge in a practical manner: never just an observer or commentator –

I make things happen!

With 35 years practical experience in business and real estate I have a great breadth and depth of knowledge of the property market and have advised at corporate levels both in Australia and overseas

During this time I have directly participated in an extensive variety of projects involving real estate acquisition and development of subdivisions several which were award winning, units and housing either as a public company development buyer, project consultant, real estate agent or in my own right.