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Victorian Italianate Architecture

From Victorian Classical, through, Victorian Filigree and Victorian Second Empire, the trends had been towards the free expression of wealth, splendour and prosperity. After all this had been a time of unprecedented innovation, discovery, success and reward for toil. And architectural styles had reflected these same attitudes. There was now however, a new style on…Read More→

Victorian Tudor

With the onset of the Industrial Revolution and the rigid plainness of the associated architecture, Victorian Britons were eager for some soothing nostalgia to remind them of a more elaborate and intricate approach to architecture. What was being supplied in the late 1800’s was for the most part, boring and uninteresting.  So it became commonplace…Read More→

Victorian Second Empire Architecture

In Australia this style of architecture, the Victorian Second Empire, appeared around 1860 and lasted until the beginning of the 1900’s. Following the lavish trends of the Victorian Classical, and the Victorian Filigree, the Victorian Second Empire was awash with even more adornment and added features – and why not? Financial limitations did not apply….Read More→

Victorian Filigree Architecture

During the 1870’s and the 1880’s when Australia’s prosperity was booming in many different ways – agriculturally, industrially, economically and socially. No longer was it simply a repository for criminals and their minders. Free settlers were arriving by the thousands to be a part of this wealthy nation. The Gold Rush had already been in…Read More→

Victorian Georgian Architecture

The Victorian period of architecture, was of course, defined by the accession to the British throne of Queen Victoria in 1839. And despite the depression of 1842, during which time much building was halted and abandoned, there soon emerged a greater sense of optimism, especially with the discovery of gold in Australia. Cities grew, towns…Read More→