Australian Californian Bungalow

Inter-war Californian Bungalow

Another American export, which originated in Las Vegas as following on from the Arts and Crafts movement, was the Californian Bungalow. The style spread across the Australian suburbs during the early inter-war period to the late-1930s. With its weighted, earthy proportions and massing, spreading eaves and open pergola breezeways, it represented an aspiring middle-class ideal with regional adaptations seen across Australia.

Design –

Asymmetrical, often double-fronted form

Horizontal, weighted proportions

Low-pitched, spreading roof

Overhanging eaves

Exposed rafters and bargeboard gables on street front

Wood shingles detailing and weatherboard construction

Verandahs’ supported by thick piers of face or succo brick with pebble-dash accents