Australian Inter-war Mediterranean

Inter-war Mediterranean

Mediterranean architecture in Australia was almost wholly influenced by the insight of Professor Leslie Wilkinson, an Englishman who arrived in Australia as the first Chair of Architecture at the University of Sydney. Professor Wilkinson saw a parallel between the climate, light and aspect of Sydney with the Mediterranean and advocated for design based on Italian and Spanish architecture. Mediterranean architecture became a symbol of refinement and class, with the wealthy investing in the simple shapes and classic detail of the style for their new homes.

Design –

Asymmetrical, cubic massing

Stucco or colour-washed, textured brickwork

Light tones and colours, utilising the qualities of light and shade

Medium-pitch hipped or gable tiled roofs

Simple classical motifs including arcades, porches, loggias, balconies

Vertical, double-hung sash windows with hinged, louvered shutters

Landscaped settings with courtyards