Why The Property Developers Went To Gladstone Reasons 4 – 5

In this blog I continue on  from the previous two issues about Gladstone “Why The Property Developers Went To Gladstone” and “Reasons 1 – 3. If you missed those issues links are provided at the bottom of this blog. As mentioned previously the “early in” property developers recognised the nearly insurmountable about of positive data coming out of Gladstone and the “call to develop” was supported by very impressive numbers.




From Australia’s largest cement plant and aluminum smelter to the world’s largest alumina refinery Gladstone is at the forefront of industrial growth accounting for
20% of Queensland’s exports.

Current projects include:

  • Queensland Alumina Ltd is recognised as one of the world’s largest alumina refineries
  • Boyne Smelters Ltd (BSL) – Australia’s largest aluminium smelter
  • Cement Australia Gladstone – the largest cement plant in Australia
  • Orica Australia – operates a chlor-alkali plant, ammonium nitrate plant
  • Queensland Energy Resources (QER) – has a open-cut oil shale mine and a technology demonstration plant
  • Anglo American Metallurgical Coal Pty Ltd – operates the Dawson Mine
  • Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd – operates the Callide Mine located in Biloela
  • Queensland Nitrates Pty Ltd – operates a fully integrated ammonium nitrate plant
  • The Cracow Mining Joint Venture – produces approximately 100,000 ounces of gold annually




The estimated expenditure for infrastructure projects both projected and underway totals $18.2 billion and includes:

  • Fisherman’s Landing Port Expansion (Gladstone Ports Corporation)
  • Moura Link – Aldoga Railway
  • Wiggins Island Rail Project (QR National)
  • Wiggins Island Ballon Loop (Queensland Rail)
  • Port of Gladstone Western Basin Dredging & Disposal Project (Gladstone Ports Corporation)
  • Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal
  • Gladstone Fitzroy Water Pipeline (Gladstone Area Water Board)
  • Gladstone Steel Making Facility
  • Gladstone Pacific Nickel Refinery
  • Fitzroy Terminal Project (Fitzroy Terminal Project Pty Ltd)
  • Yarwun Coal Export Terminal
  • Port of Gladstone Gatcombe and Golding Cutting Channel Duplication Project




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