Why The Property Developers Went To Gladstone Reasons 6 – 8

In the last of this series “Why The Developers Went To Gladstone”, the remaining three reasons are covered. If you have missed the others  in the series links have been provided at the bottom of the page.

It is my intention to continue  with “Property Developer Insights” as successful property development is based on solid geographic factual up to date information that leads into the determination of the searching for that “right” property to develop.




Operating since 1914, the Port of Gladstone continues to play an integral role in regional growth and development. Gladstone proudly boasts the largest multi-commodity port in Queensland and is the fourth largest coal export terminal in the world.




The population of Gladstone is projected to double within less than two decades. According to the Office of Economic and Statistical Research, medium series projections show Gladstone’s population will increase by about 50,000 to 111,690 people by 2031.

During the annual Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd (GAPDL) Gladstone Region Future Summit the council’s chief executive, Stuart Randle said, “Given that the available land is able to cater for the 2031 projected population comfortably, we are confident that the development industry will be able to meet housing demand.”




According to Queensland Government population distribution forecasts, the increase in Gladstone’s population will generate requirements for about 8,100 new dwellings by 2018 (an average of 1,013 new dwellings per annum) under the Solid Growth Scenario.



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